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South Florida's Premier Vacation Rental Company, Dream Destinations manages luxury upscale vacation rentals in South Beach, Miami Florida.
Property Owners

Don't Gamble with Other Rental Companies, Put Your Trust in Dream Destinations LLC. We Deliver!

If you currently own a condo or home in Miami Beach in a neighborhood or building that allows short term rentals, and would like to earn significant rental income contact us to speak to a Dream Destinations principal about becoming a member of our Rental Management Program.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does your rental management company handle?

Essentially, we handle everything for you! We screen prospective guests, secure guest reservations, handle all payments and deposits, provide personal check-in services, care for guests' needs, check guests out, inspect your property, and handle all cleaning and maintenance. With very few exceptions, there isn't much we DON'T do!

What does it cost to utilize your rental management services?

Dream Destinations charges 30% commission on every successful reservation.

Who provides all the linens for the guests?

Individual property owners own all the linens that are used by the guests at the property. However, Dream Destinations can purchase linens at wholesale prices on behalf of owners.

When do I get paid?

You will get paid in the middle of each month. We'll send out your owner statement as well as a check that reflects the activity from the prior month. Your monthly payment will include gross income less expenses.

What do I do if I want to stay in my property?

All members of our rental program are free to use their properties at any time, unless it is already booked. We kindly ask you to reserve the dates you want well in advance to make sure those dates are available to you. You can also place a request to block out certain periods until you figure out which dates you want to settle on. If your property is booked on dates you would like to use it, we do our best to provide you with another comparable property at a discounted nightly rate.

What happens should a guest damage an item on my property?

Our property manager will conduct a detailed inspection of your property after each guest checkout and determine if anything is missing or any repairs need to be made. If something is damaged or missing, we immediately notify both the guests and property owner. Each guest is required to pay a significant security deposit to protect against loss or damage and Dream Destinations will handle all collection and recovery procedures and do our best to immediately repair or replace any damaged or missing items.

Do I have to obtain separate property management services for my property?

No - properties in our rental program are automatically provided with our property management services to handle repairs and maintenance.

What happens once I decide to join Dream Destinations' rental program?

When you choose to work with Dream Destinations, we'll perform an extensive and detailed inventory of your property. We will discuss anything that needs to be addressed before renting your property. We'll provide you with our suggestions for making your home more appealing to guests and how to maximize your rental income. Small changes can have a huge impact! We will then create a detailed listing for your property on our website. We'll also schedule a professional photographer to take photos and create video tours of your property - at our cost!

I want to add my property to your rental program. How can I get started?

We welcome opportunities to discuss adding your property to our rental program. Please call us at 888-440-4478 or email us at Since we are a specialty company, this opportunity is limited to owners of properties that permit short-term rentals and are located close to beaches. Properties must pass a personal inspection and owners must be committed to working with us to maintain high standards at all times.